Brand new additions for Just build

Here are some of the things I would love to see happen in Just Build,


This is going to be an item in the hotbar of the player while the building phase occurs. Surely this takes up a crutial space in the hotbar but this is not a small change at the very least.

Once you open this tab, you will be greeted with 3 sections,

  1. The Utility section
    This section will perform various tasks to make your work easy such as : cloning a part,removing a part, replace a certain block with another block.
    ~saves a lot of time and opens up many more opportunities.

2.The Entity section
This section will allow the player to spawn an npc of any appropriate entity such as a cow, or even some of the other hive exclusive things like cache cows and treasure and premade armor stands.(they are ofcourse for looks and will remain stationary)
This section will also allow the player to deploy particles at any place like the totem particle.
~Makes many themes a lot easier and gives life to the builds.

3.The structure section
This section will be able to create some general structures like a tree or a boulder, ofcourse it wont give out a whole house but some common premade structures can really save a lot of time.
~can really help a lot of people who are beginners to just build.

Overall, i think a tools tab can really enhance a building experience of a player without being too complex.
This might also attract players to actually try to build rather than troll.
+i really hope this was not already said by someone

This tab will open just like a locker or gamemode selector.

~having default floor set to grass rather than white concrete powder, you can ofcourse change it later if you want to.
~being able to break the floor and edit it, trust me, you have another safety layer below it, and it really shouldn’t hurt the floor command aswell.
~if possible, make the reach of the player during just build higher.
~This is definitely not my idea and a huge shoutout to wherever ive read this, make the exp gain for extended double.(once again, thank you to the person that i dont know about :<)

I hope these additions/changes will make this(my favourite gamemode)a more fun to play and interesting place to be in…

Thanks for reading