Brag About Yourself (Minecraft/Hive Related ONLY)

Since the original topic, Brag About yourself in this topic, was closed, there’s no place to brag about yourself anymore. Here, you can brag about yourself, but keep it Minecraft/Hive related! If we go off-topic and/or get an arguments, I will ask a mod to close this.


I’ll start it off. Just hit prestige 1, level 50 in TW!


A while ago I lost my 170 something loginstreak :sunglasses:

I have one thing on my old account when lvl 100 was released I got in 2 weeks not that impressive but I had school

Also my friend CrackzYT is gonna hit prestige 2 soon he’s prestige 1 lvl 97 btw he’s controller

I get a bunch of these usually

Also I got max in snow wars!


I got on the podium 3 times my first time playing snow wars lol

Cubee will be quite common to see in the hub at first ofc, but I will soon have one of the rarest & the most expensive pet on The Hive in January :sunglasses:

(Code arrives on or after Jan 15th, the plush will come in April)


I have a 365+ login streak

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Hey there :wave: ! I’d like to brag about my Ghosty skin which I worked hard for using QP c: ! I really loved grinding for it, and when I got it, it was great :+1:. Aside from that, I also got a costume gift drop! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I’ve been playing mc for 9 years.


I got a full hotbar in the hub…
Who can get the most items?


Today hit 300 loginsteak


sorry, but what pack is that?

rustlul 50k, you can find it in my pack folder 4 vid

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I am almost lvl 50 in twars

I am CEO of most dumbest deaths in Hive Minigames. :eyes:

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“not to brag” read the title please.

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I played minecraft for 2 years and I have known about it for 8 years

Hey there :wave: that is so cool :sunglasses:

Keep Calm :relieved: and Buzz On! :beedance:


Same I’ve played for 2 years but I only watched 6 years back I think