Bosses on holidays

On crismas there can be a grinch or something else so they dont get sued maybe santa or a evil elf
For Halloween they can have a pumpkin or a skeleton as a boss
And i got this idea because of the amazing sonic update they had and thats the only time that they had a boss
And when you kill it you get a costume and cosmetics on capture the flag and skywars and treasure wars
And i know it will take a long time but i think it would be worth it

i think it would be pretty cool but the hive wants to focus more on permanent updates, would be cool though

Would be cool! Nice to see other things than boring treasure hunts that they have been doing for a long time. I think the Halloween one shouldn’t be a boss because it would take so much time to add it and people will have school/work to do. Winter and a summer one would be nice since no school/work for some.
Hive’s focus is on permanent updates, at least for this year, but I would still love to see this happen!
Btw you can vote your own suggestion

i mean, the idea is pretty good tbh. but i think the hive would have to keep it non denominational religion wise with some of the holidays ( i’m not sure tho).

but honestly, another boss event would be AWESOME

idk if a boss event is plausible I think some people might get upset if they miss it.