Boombox Defusing, for all gamemodes w/ Boomboxes

Bomb Defusing

More information:
Do you have to go against the guy who just wont quit throwing boomboxes in survival games until you get eliminated? Or were you ever on a tiny island, just trying to get to middle, when suddenly a person already at middle throws a normal boombox at you? you can’t run because the island’s too small, you can’t block yourself off from it, and all you could do is attempt to bridge as fast as you can or take the hit.

This is where Boombox defusing takes place!
in order to defuse a boombox, you can hit the boombox with a pickaxe to stop a boombox from exploding in your face! However, each boombox has different amounts to hit the boombox before you defuse it. (this is possible because a placed boom box is considered a entity)

Normal Boombox: 4-5 hits
Poison Boombox: 3-4 hits
Ice Boombox: 1-2 hits
Web Boombox: 2-3 hits
Fire Boombox: 4 hits
Block Breaker Boombox: 6 hits-undefuseable
Knockback Boom box: undefuseable (you wouldn’t have the time)

only you and enemies can defuse boomboxes.
when defused, it plays the item burning sound.
Snowballs cannot defuse boomboxes, but bows can.
Boombox times can be changed.

Edit #1: added more text, more boombox times, block breaker boombox time changed

No this has not happened to me and most of these shots I have made to invoke people have islands in sky were very precise and they have 3 sec count down


u cant throw a KB boombox :expressionless:

A knock back boombox is the purple boombox that you use to travel to islands fast, y’know, the one that only effects you.