Boom box ß®ƒ∂´®¥

Regular boombox was added in the previews and then removed because people didn’t like it

so now i ask to bring it back because it’s better at being a ranged weapon than arrows
and it’s the only boombox that can be thrown

I still think all boomboxes should be combined into one.


Then it would be too powerful

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but then you would be knocked away when trying to breack blocks???

I don’t understand

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I want to spam this in a cs so I’m voting


whats with all the special symbols?

That’s because of the dumb 15 character requirement

Then they’d have to make it more than 5 ems, as it would have the functionality of all of them. I don’t want to have to waste 5 ems just to knockback boombox jump, especially when pearls are 3 ems