Boom box cooldown and ender pearl damage modifier

For custom servers such as treasure wars and skywars, there should be a modifier for boom box cooldown and ender pearl damage. things can be crazy and fun with no boom box cooldown and no ender pearl damage in treasure wars shop prices 0 modifier. I think this is a good addition to custom servers.

I agree with the pearl damage it’s kinda annoying losing hearts for throwing pearls


Hiii! :wave: @MigraineBird763 Can you tell us why it’s sucks? Because then we could maybe improve the idea! Instead of just saying it sux


Hello, I see that you’re new here WELCOME, as mentioned above pls state why you don’t like the idea instead of saying it sucks, otherwise you will get flagged soon, and remember to follow the rules and guidelines for the forums.

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ya this shud be added but wont it be really hard to implement

i actually didnt know there was a cooldown for boomboxes
like do u mean the countdown or like the amount u can use in a specific amount of time
ive seen many ppl just spam boomboxes nd end up placing like 3 slowness boomboxes at once

Whyy was this flagged? Too many snowflakes smh


I literally didn’t flag this, I just said don’t say it sux

I don’t remember saying YOU flagged it… :confused: