Block Suggestions

Hey bees :honeybee:

We know that there are quite a few blocks missing from JustBuild right now, and we are looking to add these in!

If you know of any blocks that are missing, please suggest them down below and we will look into getting them added soon :slightly_smiling_face:

Please note that we are unable to add any blocks that were added after 1.14 :+1:

Please make sure that the blocks you’re suggesting aren’t already in the game before you post a suggestion, you can see all the blocks currently in the game here (thanks @ariannasv22!)


Red sand?

In build battle I look for this block wayyy too much, I would love to see this added :slight_smile:!

Also they were added in 1.7, so it should be fine!

For example, there will be a build theme like space, and I will look for red sand to make some mars terrain, but it bums me out when I cannot find it ;-;


Lanterns! I think those were added in 1.14 if I’m remembering correctly.


All types of stripped logs.
They just look better than the normal logs :sweat_smile:


Some suggestions my friends and I came up with; Red sand and all of it’s sandstone variants, campfires (realized this is a 1.14 block), End stone bricks, Fire (if possible and if counted as a block) Regular Terracotta/stained clay without color. Will edit this post if I think of more.
In addition to this, paintings / item frame would be pretty cool, but they are technically entities, so that may make it harder to implement.


Can i post some screenshots to remind everyone of what blocks are in just build?

Edit: Look at this post
Edit 2: Splodger has noticed me :o


hmmm, would we also be able to add like fire charges to use for fire?

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Yes, please do! I feel that would help everyone!

Decoration Blocks suggestions:

  • Armor Stand
  • Loom
  • Ender Chests

Can we add levers? I would love to add some little arms to my “people” to give them a bit of life.


Wood blocks aka bark blocks aka 6 sided logs.

Cocoa beans please


If we are gonna add armour stands might as well throw in armour too.


some blocks I have wanted to use but weren’t in the game and also weren’t said yet:

  • Nether Quartz Ore
  • Signs (without text on them)
  • Glowstone
  • Flower Pot
  • String
  • Dark Prismarine
  • Quartz Pillar
  • All currently missing walls, stairs, slabs, especially the stone and Prismarine variants
  • All missing types of wooden trapdoors (every one but oak)

I would love to add some plants quickly when I am building! Even though it is not a block I think that bone meal should be added to grow flowers and tall grass on grass blocks and grow trees instead of having to build them! :smile:

  • Endstone
  • Red Sand
  • Armor Sand
  • Soul Sand (might wanna edit it if it’s already there)
  • Working Item Frames
  • Flower Pots
  • Slow-spreading Water and Lava
  • Fire

My suggestions are:

  • Dark Prismarine variants
  • End rods
  • trapdoor variants
  • pressureplates
  • Flowerpots

Isn’t really a suggestion but would it be cool if you could replace some of the floor with other blocks? Because i set the floor to grass once and when i build a house the floor is grass.

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Just adding bonemeal would be great!

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Command blocks, structure blocks and their variants could be interesting. Especially on builds with technical things like robot.

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Holy cow, how much time do you have to build?

It would be cool to see the new Nether blocks, but obviously, we would have to wait until the support for 1.14 is cut.