Block party power up

There should be a fist power up that you have a 10% chance of getting. The fist power up allows you to punch 1 person, and after you use it, it disappears from your hotbar. Pretty simple, but I think it would be a small but nice addition to block party.

No no no, I’d cry


We need more games that have 0 elements of PvP as not everyone particularly likes it or is good at it.

BP should remain punch free.


Omg heck no, it would be annoying where I have to go to a one block island and then when someone is with me, they hit me off. So I’ll pass.

Lets just keep this game as chill and not annoying as possible. Please

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I’ll pass, thanks.

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Just like the knockback nemo idea, this would infuriate players and overall isn’t a good idea

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