Block Drop max costume

Ive heard that the max costume in block drop is the exact same costume from the one in 2021 spring block drop. I think it should be different costume because the efforts of those who worked hard and became max lev when it was for a limited time will be wasted. maybe it could be in different color like purple one? im not sure what it should be but i just think it shouldnt be the same one.

Please let me know if I have wrong info or if ot a duplicate suggestion


I do agree that is was an unfortunate oversight on the part of the hive team, however because some players have already reached max level it may be impossible to change the current costume and still create an immersive experience. Perhaps those who earned the costume before could be given some other type of reward like a hub tittle or similar.

i think people who alreadu got it getting both could be a solition. old one being reward for getting max very quickly

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There were two npc models for block drop back in 2021, they could just use the other model

We have plans to switch out the costume reward to the other variant.