Block Drop: Add Warning Before the Top Layer is Removed


Add a message in chat to warn players when the top layer of blocks will be removed.

More information:

When Block Drop was an LTM, there would be a message in chat ten seconds before the top layer was removed. I think this feature should return, so that players on the top layer have a chance to plan where they want to fall before the layer disappears.

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What? This is a feature. If you’re on that row a message appears on your screen.


Yes. You should probably research before making suggestions because it does tell people on that level when it’s going to break. it might not say in chat, but people on other levels don’t need more chat covering up their screen while playing the game.

I played some more matches and can confirm this is indeed a feature. In one of the earlier matches I played, I thought that the top layer disappeared without warning while I was on it. I must have been mistaken. Sorry for the unnecessary suggestion.

No worries, you can flag it for closing.

Feature already exists