Block Dodging

I want a minigame where you need to dodge the blocks. I call it “Trap Room” (if you hate the name, you can change it)

Kinda simple, blocks from the walls move around and you dodge them. If you hit the edge of the block, you will bounce off. But you can stand on top of blocks.

The play area is like the deathmatch map of survival games, if you fell down the water. YOU LOSE

That’s it… uh…

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so… hole in the wall?

Kinda, something like that, but you can stand on the blocks

This would be a pretty good game for mixed arcade or whatever it’s called now, you got my vote.

this would work in mixed arcade

This is already a minigame on a large Java server network, MineClub (named Slime Walls), It’s quite good. But if it were to be added the Hive would have to put their own twist on it! (Powerups being added, etc)

so basically that one game in mcc?