Block decay in spleef

So as a lot of people know in spleef you can easily corner yourself to make it so you can’t die, which is a major issue if they do this on the bottom layer so I have an idea to fix this.
spleef block decay
The way this will work is if players are on a layer for more than 30 seconds a slow block decay will start, this will make random blocks disappear similar to how they would in pixel paradise’s spleef each block would take 5 seconds to decay, OR if a player is standing on a block for a total of 10 seconds that block will decay, this is to prevent players cornering themselves to win.
I understand that this is just a simple hub game but this change would
really help balance the game because 50% of the games I play have players just cornering themselves to win

Please give your feedback and ideas on this

-a hive hub rat

I don’t think it is necessary as you can just jump off the platform to hit their block, and you will just both fall to the next layer.

I should probably clarify this in the post but the major issue is that players will corner themselves on the bottom layer so if a player were to do this it would most likely cause them to die from trying to reach the other player