Better Leaderboard/ Comp mode

The current Hive TW leaderboard is based on the amount of wins a given player has per month. this sort of leaderboard rewards more time spent playing rather than better plays, thus it does not fairly represent your skill level. My suggestion is to either add a ranked/comp mode, where you play more seriously and your goal is to rise up the ranks, or a new leaderboard that awards points based off how well you do in the game, rather than simply how many times you have won this month. another smaller suggestion would be to add an ingame leaderboard, simply for ease of access, rather than the current website, which is slightly less convenient to use, though this one is of less importance.

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Hello! Welcome to the forums. “competitive” or “ranked” game modes have already been suggested. Please use the search bar to see if your suggestion has already been thought of :+1:

Also, next time you make a suggestion, put it in the #suggestions category :smiley: