Bedrock Just Build Meh Counter

Idea: My idea is that in Just Build if a user votes meh on over half of the lobby, it subtracts 5 points.

More information: So, what I’m saying is to make a Just Build voting system more like Hypixel’s where if you vote Meh on too many builds, you get negative karma.

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Also, I kinda agree with your idea, but if builds really are meh, it might be a bad thing! I mean, I can see how a meh counter could be good, but I’m not so sure if it would fit into the game…


Honestly they wouldn’t add that, sure a penalty is fine but this one is too cruel because first honestly we should have a balance between, Fair Gameplay and Fair Opinions. But this penalty makes a very unfair problem if someone doesn’t like something we shouldn’t have a penalty for that or at least subtract 2 points, because first, the whole lobby can abuse this to the point where the penalty is B.C (i don’t need to be demonetized on the forums) so I would see this as a no go. Second, because there can be such a small lobby and would be mostly you disliking the empty ones too. Last, people can literally unfair vote Good and Love.


You shouldn’t be docked for being pessimistic, so this seems a bit rough since some lobbies are worse than others.

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