Bed Wars translation improvement (German)

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Bed Wars

Affected Text:
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  1. Level x Gen
  2. Interagieren zum Aufwerten x

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  1. Generator: Level x
  2. Interagiere zum Aufwerten mit x

Explanation of Issue:
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  1. Sounds better and the abbreviation “Gen” doesn’t exist in German. The word Generator would describe it better
  2. It means “you should interact”, but in German it says only interact (which is the infinite verb form) and with “mit” you understand, that you have to interact with x items

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Thanks for submitting a suggested change for our translations!

After discussing your ideas with our translators, we have decided to keep the current strings as they are.

Whilst your grammar suggestions are correct, the structure of the text was chosen for stylistic reasons, and we believe that can be easily understood by players.