Be As Unhelpful As Possible

Literally be as useless as possible

Type your answer to the question of the person above then place your question below
I’ll start!

Can no one be someone?


idk can you

can i inhale water

if you run fast enough!
what does a door do?

A door does what a door does

Where can i find a good source of vitamin A?

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In the comments

I need some advice on how to win TreasureWars, can you help?

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Do a zyph
How can I get all A’s in 8th grade?

Drop out of school and make ur own report card

What’s the best way to win Skywars?


Not play SkyWars

Who am I

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A middle age women who lives in Japan and doesn’t have a yt

Where should I go get candy?
don’t say it

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Titanic crashed into an iceberg

How can I write invis text?

Do I really need a question?
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Yes you need a paragraph of the same letter

will i ever get hive plus


I have a communication suspension; How do I get it lifted?

spam the chat with inaproppriate messages

You have to ask a question after your unhelpful answer btw :sweat_smile:


Why are my eyes blue?

Titanic crashed into an iceberg

Why do I want food?

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An iceberg crashed into the Titanic

What happened to the uss arizona


Titanic crashed into an iceberg

why am I sad?

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