Be able to purchase cosmetics from shops


With the new update out, new shops appeared for a hub quest. They grant you items to buy a suit for the ice cave. I was thinking they could be used for something else.

The shops can be used to buy winter cosmetics, such as a snow pile (treasure wars treasure), a snow ball (murder mystery throwable), and a snow flake (sky wars spawn vehicle). You could also be able to buy the eskimo (or coat) from the shops, which you can then wear as a costume.

This might be hard to implement with the time The Hive has, but it would be a really cool feature.

Thanks for reading :))


I doubt they’re going to add this cause this update is going to be around for only 2-3 weeks, but i’d like to see it


yeah i know

Great idea, but as ins4nityUltra said it probably will not happen :frowning:

I’d like to buy a Froggy hat from one of the NPCs for me to wear for the duration of the winter event though, if that’s possible. Maybe for 10 Apples?

I mean they have the model already made so maybe it’s possible :slight_smile:



I mean I like it but I may not vote because, well idk. How are you doing Blizz?

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i was thinking quest points, but i like that idea better!


this would be really cool, I want to see that! You got my vote

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i have added an update to my suggestion (the eskimo thing)

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