Battle Pass Hive

I think everything is clear here, the battle pass will add even more interest in the game.
Let’s say summer is soon and it would be possible to add a battle pass with different tasks for each week, after completing a specific week of 6-7 tasks (for example, kill 300 players in treasure wars, or break 100 treasures, play hide and seek 25 games, win for the killer) you would be given a certain item (a costume, or a beautiful treasure in the style of Battle Pass, an accelerator of experience for a while) only if you completed all the tasks of the week.

Suppose the Battle Pass would last only 5-6 weeks, each of which would give an object in the theme of this Battle Pass, which could not be bought later. There would also be another reason to join the guilds, as you could help a friend in completing tasks. Of course, I would have to buy a battle pass, and I propose to make for it a not too high price of about 400-500 minecoins. It will probably be difficult to do, but I think it would be very cool and would give an incentive to some players to continue to play, buy battle pass, fulfill them with their friends from the guild and pick up rare rewards together.

I appreciate your suggestion! , but here is what i feel

  1. Hive already has quests which is very similar to battle pass and its tasks which doesn’t cost any money.
  2. I dont see anyone trying to pay a lot of money just to get some extra benefits
  3. lastly certain tasks might create toxicity among the players such as the kill 300 players in treasure wars which is something that should be avoided. I know there might be creative ways to make it less toxic but still.

Anyways i feel with certain tweeks and better ideas this might be a good addition to the game!


good idea :+1: .
But it’s not original.