Bat Costume On The Hive

Bat Costume!
[Write down your suggestion here, keep it short]
Maybe the hive can make a bat costume that’s a quest point costume or a store
It should come with a avatar and a hub title.

The hive focuses on other costumes that are uncommon and creates different variants like the dragon costume, so why not focus on a animal like a bat! It flys, it blends in, its cool! So let’s see a bat costume on the hive!

Are you with me?!


The avatar could be a flying bat and the hubtitle could be “Flapping By” or “Darkness Flyer” or any other ideas. You got my vote.

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They definitely do seem to be running out of costume ideas a little bit, so this is appreciated :slight_smile:


I honestly dont know how they didn’t come up with a costume idea as basic as that after all this time but voted :stuck_out_tongue: