Banned from the discord (again) for no reason AT ALL

So, I left the Hive Discord some time ago, because idk why. Anyways, I recently tried to rejoin and I wasn’t able to, I was confused because I knew I wasn’t banned or anything (I didn’t get a dm from MEE6 saying that I was). then I just thought that it maybe was a bug and used “postman” to send a post request to the invite link using my auth token to see what the server would return:
“message”: “The user is banned from this guild.”,
“code”: 40007
I’m just confused right now. What did I do to get banned? I would appreciate it if a Hive staff member could dm me about this on Discord: pxladin#4207. I didn’t want to use E-Mail support because a lot of people say that it takes too long. Thanks in advance.


The only way to resolve this is to email [email protected]. It may take a bit, but that’s the only way.


what is this unban my boy paladin


Vouch for zPxladiin, most likely did not violate any of the rules!


apparently it was a bug. i fixed it (somehow).