Banned because of my brother

Hi I’ve been banned because my little brother has been saying bad word and hurting community so I just want to ask if you can unban my account

you can contact [email protected] to appeal your ban.

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Hey there! :wave:

I’m sad to hear that, You can appeal any punishments you have received by sending an email to [email protected]

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Hey, although it was not you who typed in chat, you are still responsible for your account


If you receive a message when you try to type in chat, that would be a Hive punishment, and you would need to appeal as mentioned above, however I recommend following the instructions on this support page so that you know what to include. The Hive - Punishments and Appeals

If you do not receive a message in chat when you try to type, you likely have a Microsoft-issued communication suspension. You can read more about that here The Hive - Mute Information