Ban the person above you!

Banned for being 2 animals at the same time

Banned for having a Pokémon PFP (I can’t change it :sob:)

Banned for double-posting

Banned because noob

Banned cause no pfp

Banned because cringe pfp

Banned because your pfp is a doge and not a sharkboy

Banned because your pfp is a pineapple and not an Orbixx lol

Banned for being poggers level 4. Suboptimal at best

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Banned for being good at minecraft

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banned for being minecraft

Banned beecause idk just banned ok xD

Banned for repeatedly spamming text iuwfcsdyhiesnfuvys in your invisible brackets instead of actually saying something

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banned for not actually being a tall scissor ingame

Banned beecause he is a mangoboi :0


Banned for not being new user of the month
don’t worry you basically were lol


Banned for giving me more likes than anyone else on the forums


banned for being regular

finally changed it
had to do it with my phone

banned for posting 1 hour ago