Ban the person above you!

Banned for not using the accurate spelling of the word privleges.

edit: privileges***

Banned for correcting grammar.


If the next person bans me for unoriginality…

Banned for unoriginally

and not inserting a ban reason

banned for being wrong an entire two times, firstly for using an adverb rather than a noun and secondly because they actually did put a ban reason. So how about I ban you twice rn?

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Banned for banning twice

welp im blind XD

@thegamingtoyyt Banned for not banning twice and saying the word “ban”

Banned for replying to somebody while @ ing somebody else and breaking your own rule.

Banned for breaking my rule

Banned for being wrong

Banned for no reason

Banned for not having a ban reason

Banned for not using strkiethrough

banned for using strike-through, and misspell strike.

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Banned for banning a person who misspelled strike.

Banned for banning a person, who banned a person for missplelling strike.

Banned for trying to make an chain and breaking your own rule.

Banned for not making a chain and banning a person who was making a chain.

Banned for having 113 in your username.

Banned for having a p in your name

Banned for not breaking your own rule.