Ban the person above you!

You’re banned from The Hive
Reason: Having a profile picture that matches with name and being a Regular
Your ban ends in: Permanent

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Banned for banning me in a forum game where you ban people that belongs to a server where people can be banned.

Banned for confusing me

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Banned for flexing that you’re a regular.

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Banned for being a hypocrite about flexing(yes, i’m flexing, but flexing isn’t my reason to ban)

Banned for complimenting me in New Game: Compliments.

Banned for not appreciating the fact that you got a compliment.


Banned for complaining about compliments.

Banned for using long words.

Banned for saying those were long words.

Banned for using shorter words.

Banned for saying the words used were shorter.

Banned for saying that he said that the words used were shourter.

Baned for saying he said that he said that the words used were shorter.

Banned for

Banned for not putting a ban reason

Banned for banning people that banned people but put in no reason why they got banned.

Banned for a long ban reason

Banned for a short ban reason

Banned for breaking ur own rule