Ban for fly, for no reason

Hello, by connecting it today, I read this message: “Banned for fly”. I don’t know why I got this message when I wasn’t even playing !!! I no longer play for: 4 weeks and 1 day !! I didn’t use cheat because I play on Ps4. Can fix this problem as soon as possible. Thank you

Sorry for my English, I’m french

si vous voulez plus être banni du serveur, envoyez un message à l’email [email protected] :slight_smile:

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If you were banned, you can appeal by sending a :email: to [email protected] or you can just message a mod from here.

Stuff like this should not be posted publicly here on the forums. :slight_smile:

  • Don’t comment on issues surrounding punishments (whether that be your own or somebody else’s). If you have something of value to say about someone else’s ban, please contact staff privately, don’t spread it on the forums.
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Thanks you so much for your help

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No problem :wink:

You can’t even play on the ps4 yet on featured server :confused:


Seems like the admins were right idk

@Exfect that’s hard evidence yikes

good luck getting unbanned (although it would be smarter to just wait out your ban)


oopsie poopsie you got [Darn]ing exposed


Seems about right.


You can play on ps4 servers with PocketMine-MP. Can someone give me the time it was at that time because I played between noon and 7 pm. I don’t understand anything, in the video, it’s me (name) but the skin is not at me (I don’t own it)

That’s enough evidence to say that he’s probably lying about being banned for no reason.


Yeah I was being sarcastic

Also @Exfect could you give your time region or something, The report was at 4:47 PM central time if I’m informed properly, if we assume you live in France (Ontario would just be like 5:47), it would be 7 hours ahead so at like 11:47, however if your account did somehow get comprised Hive can’t do anything, so regardless the ban still stands if they adhere to policy

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Yes , I live in France ( UTC+01:00 ) . Had you an idea of the patform of the connected device at this time ( if you can ) ? I think maybe I know why…

No idea, got the report from the discord you can access here from your gamertag that was linked, don’t know the platform though. All I know is it seems like it was mobile, but nothing can prove or disprove that

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Could be a fake alt account.

No it’s my account, I buy the hive rang too and there are my cape…

So you hacked and said “oMG I gOt Banned fOr nO reason!”…
smh don’t lie, you hacked

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I swear i didn’t ace cheat!

The video clearly shows you cheating , if you wanna continue lying so be it. I have no emotions for hackers other then I wish the best of luck to you.