Ayaan's skin shop ( Commissions)

Shop Status - Open

Hey I m Ayaan and i make hive style skins
If you have a skin and want to convert in hive style this post is perfect for you

Skin Redesign
Convert an existing skin in hive style
Cost - 1 regular costume
Time - 1 or 2 days

Profile Picture skin
If you have a pfp and you want a skin like ur pfp , this is perfect post
Cost- 1 regular costume
Time - 1 or 2 days

Seasonal Remake ( Only available if purchased one of the above)
Want a Seasonal Remake ?Here I am
Cost - 1 seasonal remake per 1 costume
Time - 1 or 2 days
128x or HD Details available
Seasonal remake available- Summer, Easter , Halloween, Winter

Skin edit ( Only available of purchased skin redesign or PFP skin )
Want a meme or funny edits or onesies for your skin ?
Cost - 1 costume
Time - 2 days
Examples - Coffin dance meme edit Tuxedo edit


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Details -
I will start with the order when payment is done
If order is delayed for some reason I’ll let you know
I won’t make any free skin

Thanks to @Fracasadoh and @CaptainPurzy for the shop idea :slight_smile:


Hey man!
This looks interesting, however post some examples so that the people can know what they are buying .


Examples Have been posted :slight_smile:

2nd, 3rd and 5th skin’s hair isn’t good

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Lol wherever I see u two together ur arguing about skins (no offence to anyone)

Thats an example of its like i improve day to day and i feel like this is it now i can do it
More examples added

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Are you allowed to sell skins (or anything for that matter) on the forums?

I always assumed you couldn’t.


It’s totally allowed there are many people who sell
Purzy and Fra take them as examples

It’s always helps to be more constructive and help in adding what can be improved on than simply saying “it isn’t good,” and is just generally a kinder thing to do. :+1: This is overall a better solution to avoid violating any rules and to avoid causing any issues =)


Oh ok sorry :frowning:

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this shop is probably closed now cuz ayaan is banned for a year :frowning:

Getting unbanned soon cuz he’s bday is on 28 March and is talking about the situation shop maybe temporary closed also i m his bro so ik all these

370 days isnt soon…

His birthday is in 4 days, though I doubt hive will unban him. D:

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But isn’t he banned till 2023 ?

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I m back and the shop is now open feel free to order skins

Also be sure to check out new examples


Oh wow, those new skins are great. You’ve really improved!

I would like to order a skin. However, the post does not provide details on where and how to order one.

Any information?

DM the skin on his private he doesn’t have disc

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