AutoMute on Hive

I’m very angry right now!

Since 2 months ago I am shadowmuted.

I asked why and when I got discouraged again, but each time they(the team) referred me to Mojang, and the team said they had nothing to do with them and they couldn’t do anything.

Now some time has passed and nothing has changed.

I know many others who have had exactly the same thing happen and who can’t fight back.

So dear hive team:

If you don’t have control over who is muted when and why, and you can’t be unmuted, then why do you do that?

It’s really a mystery to me.

In the name of me and everyone else who shares my destiny, I wish you would do something about it.

All the fun is disturbed by this communication blockade.

I don’t think I’m the only one who finds that annoying.

If you’re not willing to take this system out of action, at least tell us where we can look why and how long we’ve been muted and how we can do something about it.

Friendly greetings


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It’s not the Hive the problem it’s Mojang or Microsoft idk but thats not The Hive


Its meant to be like that for all featured servers, pretty sure there would be no way to get rid of this unless they aren’t partnered with Microsoft

Learn more about it here:


Why just on Hive? I don’t get muted on other servers when i spam Bad Words…

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I got shadow muted for being toxic and the mute is only on partnered servers.


Which servers? The Microsoft mute system is in effect across every featured server. I’ve seen tons of Microsoft mute complaints over on the other featured servers as well, it’s definitely not a Hive specific thing.


As others have stated, the hive has no control over this system. It is entirely run by Microsoft. If you were muted the mute carries across all featured servers and is not hive specific.


Yes i see it now. But this AutoMuto is completely dumb.

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Look at this Picture…! There’s written “Ore get in touch with the Serverowner” I think that means you Can do anything for that.

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Unfortunately we cannot do anything about it. You have already been linked this article which is Hive’s official statement on the issue. In the article it states that the filter is managed by a third party and, as also said from users above, The Hive has no control over the system.



getting mute on every featured server sucks,so maybe you could still contact the server owner right?