Automatically Get Player Loot On Kill

When you kill someone, their loot should automatically go into your inventory. This would go well with Get Armor On Final Kill.

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I do agree with this and it would be a great addition to the game. But i disagree with the get armor on final kill. It is kind of unnecessary. The only situation where i see this being helpful is someone gets a diamond armor otherwise you would just end up filling up your inventory with armor.
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imo only ores, would mess up your inv/be too op otherwise

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i feel like this would be useful for gold, ems and diamonds, but not for the rest of the loot. the rest should drop on the ground


I agree because I hate when you’re about to kill someone and they throw themselves off the edge and you don’t get the loot. If they jump off then you should get the loot

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I agree with what @unikern. I have a question: what would happen if your inventory is already full? Would the items just stay on the ground?

Maybe they would just fall at your feet?



It would be take some time for console (maybe mobile) players to type this

ok let me test this out on hypixel and see what it does

The only problem with that is what about when someone hits you and maybe you kill them but accidentally walk off? Cause if it was in a short time span they’ll get the kill and therefore stuff. While i agree it can be annoying when you’re about to kill someone and they jump off, it’s a GOOD strategy and one people should be allowed to use. If i have enough ems for diamond armor and someone is killing me i always try to jump off because especially as a mobile player i know my chances of beating someone who’s good when they are on a superior platform and have better stuff is minuscule. I would say I do this mostly when playing teams because device match doesn’t apply there and people have different ways of playing so that they can win.


Implementing something like this would nullify the strategy of voiding to stop people from getting your stuff as well as eliminate the chance for stuff to fall over the edge when you kill someone. It makes it a bit to OP because it takes away gameplaying strategies and says basically ‘be good at pvp or lose’ which is completely unfair for so many reasons. Keeping someone from getting the ores you have making them less OP and easier for you to kill is a strategy that should remain accessible because if you’re able to outsmart someone to win you should be able to. By implementing a feature like this it all relies on PVP which is unfair simply due to different device types (because teams don’t have device match) people who are new to the game or players who just aren’t tryhards. It should remain a relaxing and fun environment like it currently is not add a level of stress.

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I mean, I think this should apply for final kills(because if they jump off they’re just being a jerk if they have no treasure), but I agree with you about normal kills


@QueenRavenclaw1 but how can this be op hipixel has the same thing and i don’t think its op over there
and there is device matching present

That is true but Hypixle is so scuffed. Lol

also @QueenRavenclaw1 u can throw the stuff out of your inventory when ur falling

its just that if they dont then we get it its wasting so much time if we dont get it

Mobile players can’t throw stuff out of their inventory that quickly, so again advantages for other devices types would be present. As i said before voiding is a tactical strategy used by players. It is a choice and a smart one used to keep the player that’s killing them from getting their stuff. Taking that choice away forces a more PVP based playing style rather than tactical thinking in addition to pvp


try opening your inventory (about 50 milliseconds) tap on the important item you want to throw(bout 5 milliseconds)and tap outside your inventory(again bout 5 milliseconds) u take about 3 seconds to start taking damage in the void it isnt slow

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sorry for double posting but i accept that it is the strategy but it wastes time also
for example if someone camp at mid and gets like 30 ems then u fight him and u know your gonna win in pvp but the person jumps off and all the items are lost and then if everybody else keep doing this then this is also indirectly prolonging games right and if this feature is added there is still countermeaures and it will be like 10 % more pvp based thats it and people who are good at pvp still have a huge advantage without this feature

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If you were sorry you would have edited :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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