Autoclicking Cringe

November 16
this topic may be simillar to other posts on this forum but
hear me out.

autoclicking has been a major problem in the hive for many months now
and ppl have started to know that its a thing, especially on the mobile community who is tired of skilled players killing them.

ppl started to use autoclickers like keymapper to their advantage,
even pc players started to use autoclickers,

and pbmm as of now is kinda broken so yeaaah.

ppl who have autoclickers started to argue with us that autoclicking is fine and not bad

ok first of all who pays $80 for an autoclicker

also ynwkooda thinks cheating and autoclicking is fun which is
prolly fun for them but not for players like us who have practiced skill and
simple clicking methods like butterfly and jitter.

its just a major problem that the reports i have made on the discord server is constant, sometime i even forget to report becus school

hopefully this dosent become a problem even more becus autoclicking is really cringe and not fun for other players, both skilled and newbie players


Bro I completely agree with this, autoclicking sucks and people do it more often than it should.
(cough sounds like something anticheat should detect cough detect perfect click consistency for long periods of time)

But for now, from personal experience, just try to look for people punching consistently without them looking at you. You can see plenty of examples of this in the trapping hackers videos made by Evident.

At the end of the day tho, i have to be brutally honest, autoclickers are just 8 year olds who think they are better by using an 80 dollar software. If I were you, I wouldn’t think much of them


thing is if you set the auto-clicker value to say 15, and your cps drops to 14, depending on your ping to the server it wont be called perfect consistent cps, because it registers your cps like that. On hive using the same mouse and clicking method, i get 13-15 cps, but since my ping on servers like zeqa is higher, their anticheat kicks me thinking i get 22.

opposite for drag clicking where it just spikes and drops


wait so if you have higher ping, it detects your cps as higher?

try for your self, maybe it’s just zeqa counter being broken lol


i bet ya not even 50% of the fanbase is 12+ lmao

it’s mostly filled with people 12-


case in point, this kid right here

Screenshot 2021-11-15 10.43.56 PM


you paid more for an autoclicker than a mouse that can drag click LMAO

this kids is hilarious

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He says it with no shame whatsoever

you can tell he is pretty proud of himself


ikr he couldve baught a glourious model o

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Ok I could be wrong but I have a feeling he’s just joking

The other non plus guy tho, he’s prolly actually cheating

Unless he is that stupid and really paid 80 bucks for an auto clicker.



i sweat hacking.
pay for good hacks :3

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This is just pure comedy ngl :joy:

Screenshot 2021-11-15 10.43.56 PM

You know that’s a joke, right? With a little common sense, you should know lol.

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maybe it isn’t? i mean sure there’s a low chance of him being serious but still


I use an auto clicker called a finger.

yes the best autoclicker out there

with a little common sense you would have seen that I was being sarcastic. . .


I was talking about the screenshot lol. I wasn’t criticizing anything that you said. Sorry about the confusion I might have caused.