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Auto queue

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I would like to suggest the idea of auto Queue, because it will be very convenient and fast. This will help many ppl rly. For example /autoqueue game or other /:slight_smile:
I do not know if the players have suggested this before, but I hope that my opinion will be taken into account :melting_face:

(Iā€™m sorry if I wrote something wrong, because I use a translator)

this would be very nice for mobile players who have to type /q and then select the game each time they wanna queue (they dont have copy/paste), so voted

(also u can vote for ur own post)


Iā€™m afraid this is a duplicate suggestion, you can find the original topic here. Please use the search (:mag:) function before posting a suggestion next time to check for duplicates.

Have a good day :slight_smile:

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Duplicate Suggestion