Auto-kill "cheesy" runners

I’ve seen many runners “cheesing” out on DeathRun, specially on the Poison traps. Because The Hive used stained glass panes for the wall of that trap, the runners can stand on the block (stained glass/white concrete (or whatever the block is)) so they don’t get killed.

I feel like these types of runners should be auto-killed on the trap they currently are, as it is very annoying to see cheesy runners for the Deaths.

What do you think about this suggestion? Use the image button and image on this suggestion as well if you like it :slight_smile:

I forgot to put a poll so here it is:

  • I agree with this!
  • I dissagree! I like doing that and just because I do it that doesn’t mean i’m “cheesy”!!
  • Eh, ok.
  • Meh…
  • I’m sorry, can explain better please?
  • oh hello there

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we already hate deaths enough, please don’t do this

run > deathrun

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Nah, being a runner is all about learning how to avoid the traps, and standing on glass for poison is one way to do that.


People who use this (like me) aren’t cheesy, they’re probably just looking to grind DR.


(I wanted to click I dissagree)Hive managers will fix that ;(

I mean, do runners that do that, really change anything In the game? like does a tiny amount of the population standing still to cheat death really effect the game?, if your a runner, you run past them. and if your death then just target someone else

Well if people stand on the side of the poison trap, they still have to wait until the trap ends to jump off. So this doesn’t seem like any major concern or at least anything cheesy in particular. :cheese:


Well but it’s still annoying for Deaths because imagine if there was a player he is really wanting to kill but he kept trolling the Death and then the last trap of an map (probally may be a “planned for release” map) is the poison trap. Probally not the best explanation, I may have to remake the suggestion by editing the title and the topic, and then making a new poll.

I mean you can still vote though, the time didn’t end.

They could use their leap though…

But I have already voted and can’t undo. :cry:

Yes you can. Just click the ‘show vote’ button and change it to the option you wanted.


They have it in some maps that there is a blocker in between the glass wall

True, but most of the time their leap is charging so there’s only a small possibility for that. In general, it’s very inconvenient for the runner’s time and don’t see how this is a problem for deaths

Well that was something

41%: No
24%: Meh…
12%: Yes

But “oh hello there” was an joke option, so that doesn’t exist and would techniclly be a “yes”.

35%: Yes

Yet, a lot of people disagree with my suggestion.
That’s ok, though. But for the people who voted “meh…”, I highly respect, since this would bad for runners, but good for deaths, so this would be neutral.

Probally didn’t pick up the best way to end this discussion since the poll ended 2020-01-30T02:59:59Z, but at least I tried my best to explain this.

I don’t think I’ve really said anything here, but I know most of the DR tryhard community would dislike this, this would help the causal community a bit, but I don’t think the hive really knows what to do about this either so they haven’t done anything lol


Honestly if they remove these “cheeses”,they should make all traps dodgable.there isn’t any other way to avoid being killed.(Except someone sacrifice)

They should actually make a way to dodge every trap imo

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