At what date will the holiday bundle become unavailable?

As far as I’m aware, there isn’t any end date posted for when the holiday bundle will be taken away? Does anybody know said date?

I’d guess when snowwars goes out

And when does snow wars go out?

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When the christmas update finishes

And when does the cristmas update finish?

When they decide Treasure Wars MEGA! will never get deleted

Can I get actual help please?

You did. They spoke the truth.

snowwars removal ^
if the holiday bundle leaves when snowwars does then it hasn’t been said when it’s leaving.


Alright. Thank you, if an official could respond that would be better, but I’ll stick with that for now

I did?!


i was just joking cuz i also didn’t knew but holy cow

Sorry but its true. No one knows when those games are going to go bye-bye. Not even an official response from Admins. But you did tell the truth.

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Yo, if they remove WARS-MEGA then I gonna go to a world, spawn a bunch of creepers and then go to Survival so they blow me up.

No joking.

it isn’t even that good of a game

I doubt they’re removing mega, and if they do, it will be for another ltm that will probably rotate back to mega at some point