Ask The Next Person (forum game)

The purpose of this game is ask and answer. Example - the last post has got a question. You must answer the question and ask the next one.
The game starts NOW

Did you ever played Minecraft Java?

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Have you ever played Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition in the day it came out?

No, because I haven’t got Xbox 360.

Do you do login streak and if it’s YES, how many days is?

No, because I haven’t logged in daily the past week as I have been away from home.

Do you like pineapple on pizza?

NO WAY (my sister does yuck)
Do you have any siblings?

No (sadly)

Does the next person have a YouTube channel?

Yes I unlisted everything fn

Next person has level 50 TW

Heck no I play on mobile and I hate it
Next person has level 100 MM


next person thinks this forum game is too similar to others

I don’t know lol
Next person is on mobile rn

Next person knows how to sprint bridge

Alas, the magic of sprint bridging is still a mystery to me.

What’s your favourite game outside of Minecraft?

I like play a few mobile games, but none of them are really that fun.

How’s your day?

Ehhhhhhhhh (that sums up life well in one word)

What is your hive setup like?

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laptop, a [Darn]ing expensive mouse (or a 1969 G502), and C O M P O U N D

U need to ask a question ^^^
Have you ever been overseas?

No, i dont like to travel that much

Have you ever had tofu.

No, but I have heard about it.

What fictional/non-fictional character would you imagine being with in your happy place?

someone that uses autojump(in minecraft) and is good at the game

What do you think of beef

I think it needs to be renamet to steak.

Which is your least favorite color, which is your favorite and why?