Arrows move to off hand if one is already present there

Hey everyone,

Before I start just want to say I searched for this topic but couldn’t find one so if this is a dupe tell me and I can take down this post.

My suggestion is that if you have an arrow already in your off hand that when you mine iron and get another arrow it moves it straight to your off hand instead of the first empty space in your inventory. Since when I hold arrows in off hand to have one extra slot and having to always move the arrows from inventory to off hand can get annoying.

I would have suggested this for treasure wars but people bow spam there.

I am always open to discussion and feel free to vote if you agree.

Is putting arrows in your off hand allowed?
Its not allowed in TW, I know that for a fact, since when you die, your off hand slot doesnt empty, resulting in you keeping the arrows upon respawning, I’m not sure about Sky wars.

They patched that I think


It should be allowed, seeing as you only get one life in skywars