Armies in the hive

I want it to be like an army of 12 vrs 12, but you have forts and tnt and such, and have different kinds of weapon types, such as barbarian or archer or knight or others. Plz make this, k?

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Good idea but how would it work? We need detail.

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First welcome! I feel like you should go into a bit more detail. So far I’ve gathered, it’s a game like Treasure Wars mega but there’s kits.


This is somewhat like treasure Wars Mega, or a 12v12 variant of Survival games. This seems to be a fun idea for a game mode, but I feel like it could be done in other ways.

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This seems like a 2 team mega walls from hypixel, which I would love but as many users would be quick to point out, this likely wouldn’t appeal to the hives more casual players.

Hey, i do have an idea for hive+ members on treasure wars especially, but i want to do so with all the hive helpers to vote. I want a special lobby for hive+ only and have oly hive+ members can play against hive+ members? please consider this and please tell me of what you all deciede.
thanks - SS

Just make a topic on the #suggestions:treasure-wars category.