Are the new halloween costumes LTM?

Is the new costumes Dark oak and spider LTM if yes . I wont be able to get it cos I already got my qp for vampire cos i didnt know there would be new costumes =(

As far as I know, it isn’t b/ it costs minecoins and is in the Hive marketplace. Also you won’t be able to buy it with quest points.

I mean, if you get a 1500 QP costume gift, then you definitely could. I think @ItsVaix can confirm this, as he bought it using them.
If you were talking about those which worth around 400-1000 QP, then yes, it isn’t a quest master costume.


Roman (helper) said there was issues but on monday it will be permanent?

And also Roman said you can gift it to yourself

Yes, due to Marketplace issues they made the costumes weekly.

Yes, you can.

Wait lets discuss this on discord elijahbee#3716

i’m 99% sure the costumes are not ltm

Hey there, just to confirm, Cursed Oak and Spider Queen are both regular costumes and are not limited time. You can either purchase them with 310 Minecoins or 1500 QP (Quest Points) as a costume gift ​which you then can place in hub, gift to a friend or open it yourself! :blobheart:

There is currently an issue with the Marketplace which prevents you from buying costumes and other things. If that should happen to you open the gift menu /gift and purchase whatever you want as a gift. :+1:

Happy early Hive-o-ween! :jack_o_lantern: :ghost:

Thanks bro

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