Are cosmetics allowed?

So i have been seeing people recently with horns and hats and other stuff.
I was wondering if that is like officially allowed or if these people are just using it.
If any hive staff or something could lmk that would be very useful!

Ive never known how to get those

iirc I think they are. But a mods input would be better. Also, put this in #help-me.

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Yes, they are allowed as long as they do not give you an unfair advantage (such as making your skin less than a block and a half tall or abnormally big, being invisible, etc.)

However, we do not recommend using them as you are breaking the Minecraft ToS since the cosmetics (minus the custom capes) are considered piracy as they are stolen from the marketplace. That being said, users who still choose to where them on the Hive will not be punished on the Hive.

oh ok thanks