Are consoles invincible to the anticheat?

Are the Consoles invincible to the anticheat? I recently was seeing some hive videos and as I was scrolling down I saw a console player cheating (And being blatant). And I found another video like this but this time he was on PC and he got banned after like 1 minute of cheating. NOT TRYING TO CHEAT OR ANYTHING but are Consoles really invincible?
You can see it in Evidents video here. once again IM NOT TRYING TO CHEAT just want to know.

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I think that the consoles aren’t invincible, just harder to detect because PCs are easier to hack and cheat on because of software.

We are sadly unable to discuss specifics when it comes to the anti-cheat. Rest assured though that any devices that can be used to cheat are affected by our anti-cheat :slight_smile: