Arcade Idea

Hello! I have a idea that would make the Arcade more fun,

A rollercoaster that travels 2X the speed of the Monorail, :roller_coaster: There’s twists and turns and loops! I hope this will be added it would be so much fun it would be in a carnival area. And come with more rides and games to play :slight_smile:


I swear I know you made a topic with that certain idea and it got taken down. Please don’t make constant posts with the same one or more ideas to suggest.


The Hive team said to separate my post not cram it so I made a separate post


We don’t need a second train.
This would just be useless content : /

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:beedance: BUMP :beedance: I think this could be added near the carnival area and idk about loops. Maybe if this gets added they could make the ferris wheel functional too, since it is a bit boring atm.