Arcade Game: Bounty Hunters

As some of you may know the hive is currently considering adding an arcade mode to their bedrock server, so I am suggesting a addition to the arcade. This game will be called Bounty Hunters. You will receive a target to eliminate which will be visible at the top of the screen directly under the boss bar/ timer, and a tracking compass to find the target. Every minute you will receive a new target. Eliminating any player besides your target will give you one point, while eliminating your target gives you 5 points. You will receive a bow and a stone sword to eliminate other players. When the game ends, the player with the most points will win.
Edit: originally didn’t add this to the suggestion as I thought it would be controversial among the forum users for being “too similar” to Hypixel, but many several users have expressed their interest for it. The bow should be one shot and recharge after every kill.

Assassins is a very fun game, so I think it’s a good idea

the bow should also be a 1 shot kill and you only have one arrow that regenerates on kill. Doesn’t stack

that’s hypixel’s one


As a matter a fact this post was based off of hypixel’s bounty hunters mode. The one shot bow would be great but I think the devs will believe that will be too similar to hypixel’s version.

Every single server has it to be a 1 shot kill