Arcade Discussion Thread

Block drop what r u playing first

The bridge

Probably the unannounced game or Block Drop


Block drop.

What else?

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I’m going to make 3 alts and play every game at once. This is probably not a very good idea.


Very intresting strategy

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whats block drop

BlockDrop was an LTM game in the Hive similar to popular mini games called Volcano and Tnt run. The longer you step on a block, it will change color, until falling. You have to stay alive the longest.

I’ll probably try the unannounced game

they should add block party

That was the plan for a while. The Hive does eventually plan to add Block Party when the time is right.

that game sounds fun

Definetly will play bridge first unless the unannounced game mode is like duels or something
Never really liked block drop so dunno if I’ll care to much about it on the first day
Turns out I’m going on vacation June 4th so ig I’ll have a few hours to play it when it releases

I can’t believe I’ve that mixed arcade is adding 4 game modes!?

  1. bridge
  2. ground wars
  3. bLock drop
  4. unannounced


Spring wars?

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I think he meant Ground Wars.

Unannounced is block party

That isn’t confirmed.

its most likely confirmed that its not block party

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