Appreciate Hive Java (Goodbye 1 week)

Dear Fellow Bee’s,

As many of you know or might have heard that the Hive Java is closing in 1 weeks 10pm BST on April 15th. And I want to dedicate this post for you to share your favourite memories, and best times you had there. I had some Hive Java staff tell me some of there favourite things that happened on the Hive Java and wanted to share a few of them with you. o7.


My favorite part was playing timv, a gamemode I loved for many years, because it’s where I met some of the best people and closest friends I have ever had. There were always something happening in the premium hub as well, whether it was karaoke over voice chat or people messing around with hats, it was always a fun place to be :slight_smile:


Java was a great place to be we did lose a lot of players over the years but that ended up creating this small community where everyone knew each other and while there was always drama, and toxicity, there was an unbelievable amount of togetherness. The same people would play the same game for hours and then play a different game for hours too and we all enjoyed spending time with those who were close to us, my most memorable moment is easily hitting watson on TIMV because I’ve been playing that game for years and every watson knows how much of a grind it is to get there, thanks for making this post. Java is getting shut down but it will still live forever in our hearts!

Closure of Hive Java

Final event

We expect that there will be many players who will want to be on the server as it closes. If you wish to be there, we recommend joining early, as we cannot guarantee that there will be enough capacity for everyone that wishes to join.

Lastly, thanks Hive for always being an awesome community and while Hive Java may be closing it will always have a part in many peoples hearts and childhood as it was a place we could go to have fun in VC’s, in the amazing mini games and with friends we met there. It was a great 8 years. 2013-2021.


Only game I played as draw it :pensive:. Only person I played with was a friend who sadly committed suicide march 3rd​:sob:. He was a 1000 star on hypixel and had one of the highest solo ws and was the holder of the #2 doubles ws


o7 the birthplace of hive, is gone. But part of the journey is the end ;-;


someone should record hiveMC last moments kinda like that one video about club penguin last moments /minutes when it went viral
heres that video im talking about i cant beivlie its been 4/5 years sents it closed wow

it would be a remembered moment for everyone that played hiveMC

o7 hiveMC will be missed


As doors close, others open. Sad to see that HiveMC is closing down, I never played on the server much but, the little time I spent there was full of joy. Huge respect to The Hive for creating, building and sustaining the server for as long as they did. Same to the staff that kept the server in order.

The Hive bedrock has been such a big part of my life. Respect to it’s roots, origins, birthplace.
Goodbye HiveMC o7


I took this screenshot back in December 4th of last year, I would have never anticipated the closure of Hive Java, everything seemed normal and didn’t look like anything was going to happen. I don’t have much experience with Hive Java (I’m pretty sure I first joined back in November of last year) but I made sure it was going to be the first Java server I joined because of my love for the Bedrock server. When playing the games I can definitely tell it had the same level of fun and polish as the Bedrock server.

I didn’t play much, but I can tell Hive Java was something special. o7


club penguin ending was so sad :pensive:

This is so sad. :sob: I’ve only been on Hive Java a couple times, because I had just got Java a couple weeks ago. I was looking forward to play on the Hive Java sometimes and now there will be no more. I will miss Hive Java and always remember it. From 2013-2021, you had a good run Hive Java, and will never bee forgotten. :disappointed_relieved: :persevere:



I wish they would archive the Discord channels instead of deleting them :broken_heart:


duplicate post Rest in peace, Hive Java.


rip hive java i mostly only played that game where the color blocks disappear. (forgot whats its called) ill be there when it gets closed

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Never played it before