Applying for helper!

Sorry for posting so much my gosh,

i would love to apply for a helper as i really enjoy playing on this server and would love to be a part of your lovely community, i am not expecting a reply by any means, just wanted to ask ahah!

how do i report people as i have screen recorded teammers, thank you!


also, you can report rulebreakers in the discord in the #bedrock-ingame-reporting channel. use the format in the pinned message.


oh that sucks! thank you very much but i am only 13 haha! you are very kind.


oh that sucks, maybe in those two years you can work on perfecting an application, 2 years is a long time

happy to help :slight_smile:


yes hopefully! i get regularly chat banned for no reason aswell, my fault for being so talkative hehe! have a nice day!

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