Anyone wanna play skywars with me?

team up with a pro guy lol

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Eh sure, I can sometime but not rn

send a friend req

also, welcome to the forums, broski! :’)


If you have discord, just put it there. No cluttering up with the forums

Unfortunately, i can’t play right now. I have a English assignment due. I usually play on friday’s after school

You can send me a friend request,


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No thanks. I’m good.

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Welcome to the forums!
Can’t play rn sorry…
Im the future don’t make new topics of small things, you can post this in Last One to Post Wins where we usually talk about anything!

nah, I cancelled it

Welcome to the forums!
If you wanna add me my ign is ShubbleYT2007

Me, my IGN is ThelegendPro187