Anyone able to resize this image into a phone wallpaper?

I really want to use this image of Cubee as a wallpaper for my phone.
The issue here is that it doesn’t fit on my phone screen very well. =/

If anyone is able to resize this image so it looks great as a phone wallpaper that will be much appreciated. :slight_smile:

Yo, I’m gonna remake it on RW Paint, then send it here.

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Thank you! I look forward to seeing it :smiley:

You can crop them and fit perfectly for a phone or desktop wallpaper. I saved this as a layered image, too, so I can do edits such as bigger/smaller bee and changing the color of the background. :+1:

I hope you like them!

P.s. I made it for 10 minutes, so dont mind me for the not-best quality!


You legend. I was about to ask for a desktop wallpaper as well.

Thank you so much!

EDIT: It’s perfect!


Oh my gosh…Kristiyan this is amazing :0 <3

Cant wait to use this as a wallpaper <3



Thank you Meri.

I’m gonna promote the software I used for it, once again: RealWorld Paint - portable image editor

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Are you able to change the background to dark grey please? This is my last request I promise! I don’t want to ask too much out of you lol

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No problem. I will post it once again as gray. Just lemme know where u want the bee

In the middle please :slight_smile:

Could’ve been better. I hope you enjoy it! :partying_face:

Yeah to be honest the purple background is better, but thank you for changing it!
(Don’t take this as a insult please!)

Omg this is socool I’m going to use it as my wallpaper lol

Got this in my tablet!

Ignore my glitch exploit to duplicate Minecraft :stuck_out_tongue:


Lmao why do you have so many minecraft apps lol I got it on my phone lol it looks really nice

Wait how did you duplicate Minecraft lol

It looks so cool!

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lol now everyone’s gonna have Cubees while I’ma stick with the black and grey wallpapers.


Thanks everyone! I’m so glad to see you using my work and motivates me to make more! :blobheart: I will make more of these later today! :slight_smile:
Also if you like, you can check my channel, I’ll do similar looking video soon… :eyes:



Yes! I will definitely check out your channel and your other work! (:

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