Any sg tourneys?

Does anyone know of any upcoming hive sg tourneys I could participate in? Thanks

I think the Hoard is having one soon. I saw something about SG duos in the pile of Discord pings I got today.


lol imagine getting only a pile

i got 179 overnight on my clan’s discord server

why, idk, but i guess they really like @everyone (swim also kinda raided it, adding some random channels here and there)


I host some tournaments pretty casually but they arent normally based off of survival games :))

nvm it got disbanded, thats why i got 179 pings


Hey those tourneys you host, I was wondering if you need discord or not, because I don’t have discord :frowning:

To participate you will need discord sadly. This is for communication purposes.

Alright. Thanks anyways :grinning: