Anticheat kicking people when they jump on slabs

Jumping on slabs on the skywars pregame lobby results in the anticheat kicking you with the error message: AAABfCd6vDHZiUSNsu89+5N7uGeqiEBDAgoACgY=

In the skywars pregame lobby, you can get kicked by the anticheat if you just hold down your jump button and keep jumping on and off of the wooden slabs.

I play on an IPad Pro 2018 11’, and my minecraft version is 1.17.30.

I have posted a video on my YouTube channel featuring how this happened fully. Link: How to get KICKED on the Hive Network - YouTube

Hey there :wave:

Thanks for submitting a bug report.

Sorry that this affected you, it looks like our anti-cheat falsely identified you to be cheating, and kicked you.

I have passed this onto our anti-cheat developers, and it will be looked into.

Have a great day :slight_smile: