Anti-Rusher Variant

Disclaimer: This may sound like a very stupid idea.


In this set of variants (for each team grouping), treasures must be destroyed 3 minutes after the game starts. Otherwise, the player trying to break the treasure dies (and the treasure remains intact).

A huge amount of fog will cover the middle preventing rushers from getting the emeralds. Those in the fog will have blindness, poison, nausea, and slowness. This lasts for 1 minute once the match starts.

Each team will have a fog that gives wither, blindness, and weakness that only affects the opposing team(s). This ends when 3 minutes past.

Again, this seems very stupid to do, but if this somehow becomes an idea. I’ll be shocked. You may think that this isn’t needed because it just ruins the game, even as a separate mode or why put so much effort to create the same game for all variants but with anti-rusher stuff.

Maybe this only for 4’s? Like this has a demand, but not enough of a demand to have Solos,Duos,Trios,and Squads, I’m ok with this as a separate variant though, it also shouldn’t count towards overall stats or it should have separate stats

Now if someone added this to all gamemodes required I’d probably flip every single piece of furniture in my house


I find this just outright…bad. Rushing is a part, of treasure wars. Not even a part, its a play style and always has been. Doing this would cause a major outbreak and backlash within the Hive Community.


when you start on a game where you just want to play quietly and your Treasure and break in 2sec by a pc player I assure you that its nothing funny

You have to rush to win, I play on phone and I rush.


This mode will only be nice if the only thing changed is the treasure invulnerability. The treasure should be indestructible for 3 minutes in this mode, and nothing more should be changed.

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That’s what I assumed. Yet I wanted to know how others feel about this stupid idea.

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Honestly, this doesn’t sound so bad. Playing like this could be fun.

There could also be an already-built defense.

My only concern is that the players that aren’t so talented would get gravitated towards this gamemode, causing normal mode queues to be longer.

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In my opinion a better way of avoiding rushers is buying a sword firstly, that way they only have blocks but I don’t think the game should change it schedule of playing, people will stop playing treasure wars if you can’t rush fast thanks for your suggestion tho :’)

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