Anti-Cheat suggestion

I don’t know what kind of anti-cheat is planned for Death Run, but I got an idea to add to it.

Everyone knows that 98% of hackers on Death Run finish the map in an unrealistic time, and on rare occasions it’s so fast that only a couple of other people can finish before the game ends.

Well I think a SUPER easy way of getting rid of hackers is something I’d call a Boundary Time.
A boundary time would be a time that is 100% impossible to beat legitimately. Any finishing time faster than the boundary time would notify the staff of the hacker or just deal with them anyways. The only way around it is if the hacker finishes just before the boundary time. But that is a very rare occasion; I’ve only seen one hacker in my life who beat a world record by only half a second.

Here’s a list of sample boundary times. They are basically the world records minus a second or two.
Cave - 47.000
Gardens - 1:00.000
Prison - 46.000
School - 41.000
Snowfall - 1:07.000
Venice - 48.000
Viaduct - 1:10.000
Western - 1:03.000
Zoo - 1:03.000


Good, but BIG set offs here. I say a few more seconds for many of the maps as a Boundary. There are people who have got close to that 47 seconds on cave (me included) and I think they may be too close to the world records.


Eh, if hackers knew about this system existing they would probably abuse it and get just over what’s allowed anyway. And as @FoodPlays mentioned, some of these times might be possible to get legit.

DR just has the common Hive anticheat, which will get updated over time :wink:

-oof I also submitted this to Java a while ago, although with some other ideas untouchable-
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If hackers “abuse” the system and start purposely finishing over the boundary time, then I don’t see much of a problem. The situation pretty much becomes what it currently already is: nothing happens and it’s up for the players to report it themselves.

And I think the current boundary times are fine. They can be adjusted if the WRs become too close. No one’s going to beat the WRs by one second any time soon because they are very solid world records. You’d have to be a bot to do that.

Thanks for your input, this is just an easy form of anti-cheat. I was already aware of how it could be abused. Don’t we all wish a system was perfect…

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Gee, I wonder why this suggestion was made :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: