Another tired, 1 am suggestion from unikern

I won’t be surprised if I wake up and find this is a very bad idea, especially since I’m hungry and tired.

Have you ever went to go get someones treasure but find out they have concrete, end stone or andesite? You have gold to buy a pick, but you cant go to either two bases to buy a pick without dying. What if you could prepare for this? A spawn egg, buyable in the shop that is essentially a portable shop.

Once you spawn in your shopkeeper, (able to be spawned anywhere on the map) you can buy stuff from it. Obviously it wouldnt be there forever, maybe disappear after 1-2 minutes. This would change the meta in TW. I think it should cost no more than 20 diamonds, or around 10 emeralds, This could be really good if you have extra diamonds and want to be prepared going into battle.

This seems really OP, especially late game when everyone is loaded with resources.


I think if it had a one use for 10 diamonds because I feel most diamonds in a game aren’t used that much

probs they should make it 20 diamonds

yeah I can see this becoming OP, the fact that when its late game and you have tons of resources I feel like someone is going to abuse them or use them for a trap. This is because when someone is trying to attack you, you spam them down and. they will be stuck in the shopkeeper giving you many free hits. Also in mid game people that just get 20 diamonds can use this as a trap because it can last for 1-2 minute. The only way to prevent the spamming situation is to put a cool down for every 20 sec you can place another one

I think it should be a one use then you have to buy another one

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like you buy one item or when you get out of the shopkeeper? Either way its to OP for annoying players and trappers

I think this would be a good idea for 10-15 dias, but only if they change how the shopkeeper works so people don’t just spawn one to hide in or trap people

good idea. Only problem I could see is someone camping mid for diamond armer and you don’t have to leave to get stacked

I think you can somewhat easily get 20 diamonds for it then use it as soon as you get 20 emeralds at mid to get diamond armor so I personally think it would be a bit overpowered. Also how would it work, could you buy unlimited things from the shop just from one of them as long as you had the resources? If you could this would be even more overpowered in my opinion especially if your rushing then quickly go to mid for the emeralds.

20 diamonds and u can only buy 1 per person


Why would the hive add this if bows and diamond are never getting fixed?

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